It's Not Rocket Science!
We've kept the process as simple as possible

4 Simple Steps is all it takes

1. Contact Us

Everything starts when you Contact Us. Briefly tell us about your project. Our response times are the best in the business, typically within the hour.

2. Skype Call

Next we will arrange a Skype call on a day and time that suits you. The Skype call is the detailed discovery session and details the scope and terms of the contract.

3. Production

We then enter the production phase to create the masterpiece that will soon become your prized possession. This may involve one or 2 revision rounds.

4. Delivery

Once approved, we send you the video in all compatible formats so your video plays on the web on any browser and using any device and /or platform.

The Idea behind Video Remix

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a video remix take?

On average most video projects are completed within 4 days but we’ve had many jobs completed within 24 hours. It all depends on the workload, capacity available the complexity of your project.

How does the payment structure work and how do we pay?

We require a 60% deposit to accept any job into the production queue, with the balance to be paid on approval of your video. We use a secure and encrypted payment gateway provided by Paypal and payment methods include Paypal, Credit and Debit cards. In creating over 700 videos, we’ve never had a single problem at all.

What if my video is already on youtube, how do we get it to you?

If your youtube is already on youtube then we can download it without you having to upload it. You would only need to upload it if the quality in your possession is inferior to that of youtube.We always want to work with your best quality video.

What format do you require the logo in?

Send us the original design file of your logo, usually as a vector format (adobe illustrator) or photoshop. Its important to have a logo in the highest resolution and with a transparent background.

What other assets do you require?

You can send us images, video clips, logos, powerpoint presentations for use on the video.

How many revisions are included?

Although we normally nail the video work first time and most time with just one revision, we will keep working on your video until you are 100% satisfied. As long as the changes are on our side, the revision cost is included in whatever contract fee we’d have agreed.

Can we use copyright materials?

Not unless you have permission to use them. We generally do not use any copyright materials (images, videos or music) without the explicit and written permission of the copyright owners. We do however have a very large library of royalty free assets.

What if I need a brand new video, Can you produce one?

Absolutely yes. The same approach we use for video remixes applies.

Can you source a voice over for our project?

Absolutely yes! We work with a group of dedicated professional voice over talents so we are guaranteed to find the perfect voice for your video.

Can I shoot a video of myself and send to you for editing?

Yes we offer this service and guide you all the way with things like cameras to use (low and high budget options), sound recording best practice, file formats to use, lighting and so much more. We use Skype a lot to communicate.