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Why Blend In ?

Your videos need to standout !
Don't settle for a cookie cutter video!

Keep up with new Trends

Future proof your videos
Optimise videos for YouTube and Mobile


Save Money

If your corporate video is more than a year old, chances are it needs updating. The cost of refreshing a video is far less than creating a new video from scratch, plus, we do it the hassle free way.

Save Time

Giving your videos a facelift takes much less time. Typically, most of our video refresh projects take a couple of days and never more than a week. So minimal downtime, but great results.

Stay Current

As the internet evolves,so too is video technology.  A video refresh is a great way to quickly  catch up with the latest trends as well as Best Practices for using web videos.

Be Mobile Ready

As more videos are now viewed on mobile devices and platforms,  a video refresh project will ensure that your videos look and sound good on all devices and browsers.

Be YouTube Ready

YouTube is an invaluable source of additional traffic, yet most corporate videos fall way short of utilising all the power that Youtube delivers. We fix this.

Viral Connection

Videos that have gone viral have, not surprisingly, very similar characteristics. When we remix your video, we increase the chances of the video going viral.

Anything’s Possible! Check out some of our work below

Video Intro / Logo Reveal

May 22, 2014

Lower Third Titles

May 22, 2014

Watermark Protection

May 22, 2014

Voice Over Swop

May 22, 2014

Video Editing

May 22, 2014

YouTube Video Optimisation

May 23, 2014

Kinetic Typography

May 23, 2014

Get A Brand New Video

May 23, 2014

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  • Add video intros to your videos
  • Add branded titles to any video
  • Watermark and protect your videos
  • Remove sections you no longer need
  • Add your Contact Details to videos
  • Change the Voice Over on your videos
  • Upscale your videos to HD
  • Optimise your videos for the mobile era
  • Optimise your videos for YouTube
  • Merge Two Videos into One
  • Split One long video into shorter ones
  • Add more life to your webinar videos
  • Convert Powerpoint Slides to Videos
  • Optimise your video for SEO
  • Replace old footage with new
  • Add stock footage to your videos
  • Use Professional Voice Overs
  • Add sound effects to videos
  • Add or change your logo
  • Customise After Effects templates
  • Get a Brand New Video
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"Having had several videos created over the past few years from various freelancers, I can honestly say that Brian's work blows them all away. "

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− Jeff, Injoyglobal

"Finding an artist that can listen to the needs of the client and execute with absolute precision is very rare. Brian truly exceeded expectations! "

− Bryan Paysen, Listing Point

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Video Trends To Watch

Mobile Internet

More web videos are now viewed on mobile devices than any other platform. Are your videos mobile friendly? We will ensure your videos load fast and look great on a smartphone or tablet.

Affordable Broadband

High speed broadband and wi-fi have become more affordable. This means more people are now expecting to watch High Definition videos in all its glory. Are your videos FullHD? We can help you upscale to Full HD.

The Growth of  YouTube

YouTube is now the second largest search platform, after google. Over 6 billion hours of video are viewed each month. We help you tap into this traffic source by optimising your videos for YouTube.

Social Sharing

Videos that go viral are all shared via one of the social media platforms. We help your videos go viral by ensuring they are discoverable for sharing on social media.